Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dungeon of Lost Coppers

+Dyson Logos  over at Dyson's Dodecahedron posted a contest to complete his Dungeon of Lost Coppers.  Here is his original image:

Obviously I decided to make a submission, otherwise this would be a short and pointless blog entry!

It is a cool start with lots of potential ways to take the map.  I got my inspiration from the set of 6 completed rooms on the upper left there.  Only a secret tunnel heads further into the dungeon from those rooms.  This screamed "Legitimate Front" to me and got me rolling on a Thieve's Guild or Secret Society theme.

Whoever is the power behind the front put a throne room or control room there to have quick and secret access to the rest of the dungeon.

The statue in a cave surrounded by water gave me two ideas. One that there are really two dungeons that are unaware of each other.  Then I took that a step further and assumed the denizens of dungeon 1 have already broken through to dungeon 2.  There they found some sort of "Magical Archeological Stuff" and decided to add a prison and guard complex and continue digging for more such objects further in the cave complex with slave labor.

So here is my final draft for the contest: